End of the world apocalyptic foodie rant

So, what the duck.  The world is ending and here we are still worshiping cupcakes, pithy remarks, and safe recipes.  Cake pop has been heralded as the next big thing.  No wonder the world is ending.  It should, but perhaps not how we think.  Perhaps it’s the four glasses of wine talking, perhaps it’s season one of Californication playing in the background.  Perhaps it’s being fed up with being fed complete BS.

We’ve made it this far.  It is the year of someone’s lord 2012.  The internet was supposed to set us free.  It was supposed to give us the means to share, create and connect, for the betterment of mankind.  Most of what I see, including what I write is simply categorized as masturbation… making ourselves feel better in small doses, and hoping others approve of things we like.  Half the time, we aren’t even sharing what we truly like, only things we think others will approve of.  In the food world, we subtly change a recipe and call it our own, we write about what we think the flock will approve of, and yet we stray from actually speaking our minds, or doing something worthwhile with our time, and our voices.

I guess what I’m getting at is that we aren’t trying anymore.  We aren’t doing our best, and that’s the shame of it.  We aren’t being honest with ourselves, and we aren’t giving people the opportunity, to be honest with us.  We are hiding behind melting snowman cookie recipes instead of cooking that elephant that has been so conveniently placed in our kitchens.  Our food system is a mess, we know about it, and yet we hide it in the sauce.

“An ounce of sauce covers a multitude of sin”.
Anthony Bourdain

I have been living in China for about a year now, and recently, KFC has come under the spotlight for buying from a company that is injecting hormones, antibiotics and illegal drugs into their chicken.  I ate this crap 2 weeks ago.  Sound familiar?  This is pretty common and is a widespread practice in many countries.  Don’t get me started on GMOs.  These are just some of the countless awful things that have been done to our LIFE SUSTAINING FUEL for the sake of supposed legal tender.  How are we actually putting up with this, and why are we letting ourselves ingest such injustice?  Complacency is the only answer that comes to mind, and indifference born from the misplaced trust.

So, as the world ends, perhaps another will begin.  Perhaps we will cook that elephant, and serve it with some quinoa.  Perhaps we will let the natural ingredients of truth shine through, instead of soaking it in a brine of preservatives and chemicals, and smothering it with a fattening yet “focus group approves” sauce.  Perhaps we’ll start a food fight.

So, here’s what I’m suggesting:

  1. Kill the fucking cake pop.  Bring back pie.  Everyone loves pie.  Meat pies, fruit pies, any pies.  Hells yeah… pie.
  2. Spread the word about Truth Tuesday.  Tell the truth on Tuesday.  This community was designed for bloggers and writers who want to talk about the issues affecting their communities or industries.  Our goal is to spread awareness of issues at least once a week, on Tuesday, and we will post something meaningful and proactive to help others.  For example, if you are a food writer, on Tuesday, talk about GMOs, agribusiness, or other issues affecting that world.  If you are a Tech writer, talk about internet censorship.  There is much in this world we need to improve, perhaps we can start fixing things one day a week.  Truthtuesday.com

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