Masi Tupungato- Passo Doble 2009

Ok, ok, I’m broke.  But I’m sorrier than you for not reviewing a ’91 Shafer… Here’s another pretty darn good wine for under $20.  The Masi Tupungato- Passo Doble 2009 hit the spot with tonight’s rib eye, and I’m happy to say it was a rather fine investment.  Tasted much more expensive, as it showed some decent refinement.  I paid $15, you can find it at the BC Liquor store

Tasting Notes

Medium deep red cherry color; aromas of dried herb and fruit, with black cherry and spice notes and a hint of vanilla; dry, medium to full-bodied, rich, with sweet dried fruit flavors, well-balanced acidity and supporting tannins, long finish.

Serving Suggestion

Try with rich meat dishes, including stews, casseroles, and grilled steak.  Certain duck dishes might be nice… be careful.

Here’s what Grape Juice had to say:

The Passo Doble is a nifty combination of double-fermented, appasimento (semi-dried) grapes, processes used to improve extraction, intensify colour, raise alcohol and soften harsh tannins. Immediately upon uncorking, our noses were treated to a powerful, but very pleasant, whiff of blueberries and chocolate. With decanting, these mellowed out into black cherry with spicy oak showing through the fruit. Deep ruby in colour and medium-bodied, it was very sweet on the tip of the tongue, but finished quite dry and with a great aftertaste to boot.


Although it was thoroughly enjoyable at the time, this unique Italo-Argentinian has great cellaring potential and some sitting time should help knit everything together and mellow the tannins. The intriguing crafting methods used to produce this little gem have put together a creative, complex wine. Bronze medal winner at the International Wine Challenge in 2005, [ I know I’m talking about the ’09, but this shows consistency] this one gets a big two thumbs up from us. Relatively inexpensive, unique, and damn tasty.

Check it out, I’d love some comments.  Will edit this post if I get a hangover.

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