The Guinness Float [4 Simple Recipes]

Time for a Guinness… a Guinness float!  This St. Patrick’s Day, Get drunk and fat at the same time.  This is the first year I will be missing out on The St. Patty’s Open… a round of golf dressed like a leprechaun including heavy drinking… Sorry, Mike.  And sorry reader, I digress.

Here are three super easy Guinness cocktail float recipes to get your Irish on.

The Guinness Ice Cream Float

The simple method

  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 1 pint/can of Guinness

Scoop the ice cream into a frosty beer mug.  Pour on the Guinness!

Caffeine and chocolate version

This time, drizzle some chocolate into that there frosty mug.  Add espresso ice cream (or better, bailey’s ice cream and a shot of espresso) and fill with Guinness.

The Velvet Glove

This is my FAVORITE Guinness cocktail.  1 part champagne and 2 parts Guinness.  Layer it baby.

The Black Velvet

Guinness and Cider.

The Black and Tan

Guinness and a lighter beer.  I like using pale ale.


Some ecard St. Patrick’s Day quotes

  • May your appalling St. Patrick’s Day behavior not end up in a massive viral video demanding you be brought to justice
  • This is the one holiday where our full-blown alcoholism could possibly go undetected
  • I’m excited for the one day of the year when green’s meaning shifts from saving the environment to polluting our major organs
  • All I ask is that you wait until after St. Patrick’s Day if you happen to be planning my intervention

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